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Erie Auto Dealers Performance Light Explained

Erie Auto Dealers uses a simple Green, Yellow, Red system to help create transparency within the Erie Auto market.


Auto dealers within Erie, PA and surrounding areas can be reviewed here using this simple system. 

Erie Auto Dealers Performance Assesment.

What Goes Into Our Performance Light Determination?

Our founder, a military veteran served with three simple core values of the United States Air Force. 


Integrity First - Service Before Self - Excellence In All We Do


When news happens within the erie auto market, dealerships and its employees tend to know before the general public. Similar to the phrase "Good news travels fast" it's typically dealers that have the inside information as to the happenings in our area sometimes even a year in advance! Wouldn't it be nice to have a heads up?


To ensure a level of Integrity within the erie auto market, Erie Auto Dealers has a straight line connection to each dealership listed under Green status. If enough tips are submitted via multiple dealers in Green status, a dealership in question will quickly be moved to Yellow status. 

Placing a dealership in Yellow status will alert Erie Auto buyers to do their research before visiting or contacting the dealership. Once a dealership is placed in Yellow status Erie Auto Dealers will contact the dealership in question. The dealership will remain in Yellow status until it has remedied the situation or proven worthy of Green status. If a dealership is found to be in violation of Erie Auto Dealers guidelines the dealership will be placed in Red status indefinitely.

Service Before Self

Erie Auto Dealers believes you cannot ask your community to support you without supporting your community. Because of this, Erie Auto Dealers gives away cash and fun prizes to its local residents using funds collected from dealerships in Erie, PA and surrounding areas! All giveaways, contests and sweepstakes are always no purchase necessary to win.  

How does this help dealerships? People average 14 hours of online research before ever stepping foot into a dealership. Dealerships pay an average of $20,000 a month for advertising their inventory to you. Most of this money is spent with large third party advertising companies that promise the dealerships success with little or un trackable returns. Because Erie Auto Dealers is a local advertiser with little overhead, we're able to service our Erie area dealers for a fraction of the cost and return those savings to you in the form of fun giveaways, contests and sweepstakes. The larger and more followed we become, the more money we're able to give back to our community!


Dealerships do not have to be a paid advertiser with Erie Auto Dealers to be listed under Green status and paid status does not keep a dealership out of Yellow or Red standing.  

Excellence In All We Do

Erie Auto Dealers is committed to making the auto industry in Erie, Pennsylvania a safer and more reliable experience for its residents. Having a direct line straight to local dealerships along with having those same dealerships monitoring Erie Auto Dealers, we're able to create a much more connected industry backed by accountability. 

Erie Auto Dealers Performance Light

As of 1-1-2020

Erie Auto Dealers Performance Assesment.

12481 Edinboro Rd

Edinboro, PA 16412


5746 Peach St

Erie, PA 16509


12381 Conneaut Lake Rd

Conneaut Lake, PA 16316


Erie Auto Dealers Performance Assesment.

6850 Buffalo Road 
Harborcreek, PA 16421


Erie Auto Dealers Performance Assesment.

563 W 26th Street

Erie, PA 16508


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