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Car Sales is Simple

You Sell More Cars
By Reaching More People...

So Reach More People! 

We know that when advertising vendors visit your dealership, they're looking to sign you up to a monthly reoccurring fee with the hopes they'll help you sell more vehicles and prove themselves worthy of you keeping their service.

We do things different! 

We're offering you our service Absolutely FREE for all of 2023! 

We're going to help you sell more cars in 2023 and then in 2024 we hope to negotiate a potential fee based on our proven sales for your dealership. 

If by 2024 you're not convinced enough to become a paid customer then we'll cover your second year too!

How Can
Help You Sell More Vehicles?

Proven Traffic Source

Trends EA.png

When using Google Trends to rank local competition, you notice Erie Auto leads in overall google search!

Unlimited Keywords


There are many reasons is able to reach such numbers in mass!


One being that we're not limited to any particular OEM!

Car-Truck-EV-Toyota-Ford-Ram-Service-Oil Change

Pick ANY KEYWORD and it applies to the website

So our available keyword selection is much larger, leading to an advantage in SEO and google rankings when compared to local dealers individually. 

Mass Social Media Support

FB Page Reach.png

140,000+ People Waiting To See Your Vehicles! 

A strong Social Media presence is a must for any business, dealerships especially! has a strong social media foundation, reaching over 100,000 people every month on social media alone, thanks to our partnerships with local influencers and Country Fair gas stations.

When Your inventory gets listed onto 

It's guaranteed to been seen by thousands..

Helping you reach more people and sell more cars!



Please fill out the form and one of our friendly reps will be in touch with details to get you started! 

Thanks for submitting!

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